You may have heard the axiom “Content is King” when it comes to online sales and marketing. This saying is the mantra of many SEO consultants and online marketing gurus. Bill Gates coined the phrase in an article he wrote with that title back in 1996 where he stated:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet”.

He compared the value of content on the web to content on broadcast television. In the age of Netflix and other streaming services, he seems prophetic today!

Later, marketers would use this term as they looked to compete for searches, eyeballs, and attention in the ever-crowded online space. Search engine optimizers and marketers recommend creating relevant, keyword rich content to increase search engine rankings and traffic.

There is another place where content is critical to success. Once a potential customer gets to your product page, it is important that they see the most powerful and effective product images available, and they should also be able to read up-to-date, relevant product information.

A common mistake that many HME retail stores make when designing product pages for their websites is that they have a “set it and forget it” philosophy to product images and content.

As manufacturers, we are always working to improve the quality and impact of our product images, and content to help our products sell. Testing in multiple sales channels helps us refine our content over time.

That is why it is so important to us to help HME retails stores update old content when we find it. Last year we discovered some outdated images and product descriptions on the website of one of our dealers. Over a few weeks, we worked with them to make sure that they had access to all of the new and most up to date content that we had developed.

We recently heard back from this HME retail store, and we were pleased to find out that they were able to realize a 91% increase over last year’s sales thanks to the updates.

That is a great sales boost and all it took was updating their product images and making sure that the product descriptions and content were not outdated! It kind of makes me think of this saying I heard once…that Content is King!

If you are one of our dealers and need help with your content, please reach out to your sales rep. We have all of our most up-to-date product images, descriptions, instructions, and videos available at and we’d love to get you access to this resource.


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